For those who are not content with roadside restaurants, when we travel we are at the mercy of digital mediums to find our eating options.  This often means a Google search, or consulting Yelp or Chowhound.  We rely upon what we see and read to make our dining decisions.

When one searches for  “carrollton ga restaurants” to find a restaurant in my town of Carrollton, Georgia, the Google search results show a combination of local and chain restaurants.  Amongst our best restaurants, including Little Hawaiian, sits the mega-chains McDonalds and Applebees.  And one cannot find some of our local favorites including the the Sunnyside Cafe, the Maple Street Diner, and Evergreen Chinese, as well as one of my personal favorites: the Carrollton Diner (think Lasagna).

This is not just an accident.  The people of Carrollton have not voted on their favorite restaurants, and Google is not reflecting such results to the internet so that locals and visitors alike can easily access the best we have to offer.  This is a numbers game, a play on the part of marketers.  Google has its algorithms, and any SEO firm that masters them and applies them to their client’s sites brings their client an exceptional level of visibility and credibility overnight.  It is really that easy.

Top placement in the search engines creates a constant stream of new and repeat customers, which increases revenues and profitability.  So, whether you are a restaurant here in Carrollton, Georgia, or anywhere else in the world, do contact us and see how we can make your online presence shine.