Happy Clients

We take pride in creating, expanding, and transforming Internet presences.  We use a simple formula:  charge less than expected, work harder than expected, and produce results beyond one’s imagination.  This winning formula has kept us at 100% client retention since we have been established.  We have never lost a client.   For example, Donna Hoffman has risen to the top of Philadelphia search making for another happy client.

We don’t treat clients like outsiders, as mere customers.  Rather we get so fully aligned with our client’s interests that they become our very interests.  We think of ourselves as a vital member of our clients’ teams.  We bring ourselves to act like an in-house marketing department, rather than as an outside firm.

We provide our clients with everything necessary to be successful online.   Keyword rich websites with top SEO is our bread and butter.  We get our clients ranked high for their keywords, and rejoice in their satisfaction with our services.

Some clients have reasons to not disclose their SEO efforts.  Here are a couple of our clients  that are happy for us to mention them:

The Carlton Inn Midway is a Chicago Midway Airport hotel that is the only independent hotel in the Midway hotel market.  It consistently ranks higher in guest reviews than any of the “flagged” properties, such as the Marriott, Hampton Inn, etc.   We are proud of them for recently earning a 2012 Certificate of Excellence award by TripAdvisor, for having over 4.5 out of 5 star ratings from their guests.

The challenge for this hotel is they are competing for first page search results placement against powerful competitors with international websites.  They contracted an Internet marketing company for webdesign and SEO services, yet they weren’t getting enough satisfactory results.  So, they approached us.   We moved them from page 2 to page 1 of Google results for all of their targeted keywords, displacing many strong corporate sites.   Sales are up, and the hotel’s management is very satisfied with their choice to increase their Internet marketing spend with us.   We aim for a top three position for their major keywords, and are working hard to get them there.

In addition to SEO service, we provide Carlton Inn Midway with social media engagement, reservations systems management, directory/review site relations, direct emailing services, and other marketing outreach campaigns.

Sodimate, Inc. is a French manufacturing company of Bulk Handling Systems.  They specialize in equipment that the public never sees, yet we all depend upon.   This equipment includes Flue Gas Treatment for coal-burning power plants, water treatment systems for municipalities (including most of Paris) and for factories, as well as bulk powder handling equipment including lime slakers.  They like to do things in-house as much as possible, and have created their own website.  It is the SEO that they really needed the support on, and that is why their North American headquarters in Chicago reached out to us.  We’ve been servicing them since the beginning of 2011, and have seen their main keywords jump up from page 2 and 3 to page 1.  Many of their major keywords are in the #1 position, which is a great feat given their solid competition.

Karen Hartley, a West Georgia Interior Designer based in Villa Rica, approached us as she was beginning to prepare to leave the  national decorating company that she had been working with for the past 25 years.  We created an independent Internet presence for her which included the creation of this interior designer website  as well as ongoing SEO and marketing support.  It is our job to bring her beautiful interior designs to those seeking such services.  We continuously build the SEO might of her website, and continue to add new keywords to her targeted list.   Anyone in West Georgia searching for an interior designer is bound to come across the website of Karen Hartley Interiors as she graces the top of search results in all the towns in her region.

Joanna (Watson) Jakab is an Interior Designer in Ontario, Canada, serving Burlington and Oakville.  One day while searching the Internet for design ideas she came across Karen’s website.   Joanne is Internet savvy and was very intrigued how Karen’s site ranked so high in the search engines.   Using SEO tools she found that Karen’s site is very well postured for SEO and has been getting a huge amount of traffic and interest as compared to the typical site of a local Interior Designer.  Without hesitation she reached out to Karen, who she happened to know, and thus found her way to us.  We have since create this Burlington Oakville Interior Designer website for Joanne, and have begun working on developing a long-term SEO campaign for her.  We look forward to seeing how quickly we can bring her new site, which is using a fresh url and new branding, to the top of the results.

Part of what keeps our clients happy is that we always put them first.  One way you can tell that this is the case is by looking at the footers (bottom text) on their websites.  You will often see some mention of our services, but we never put links from them to us.  Rather, we do the opposite- we put their links on our website and allow the “link juice” (which is a vote of popularity) to flow their way.   We will never understand why the industry norm is to have the client site link to the provider’s site.


Some Recent Website Design Samples with SEO services:

West Georgia Interior Designer

Oakville-Burlington Interior Designer


Other Recent Websites Designed:

Aimee Copeland – donated site

UWG Psychology Students

Interior Design Photo gallery –  temporarily being used for Aimee Copeland


We also design our client’s social media pages.   Here are some Facebook Pages that we have designed:

Carlton Inn Midway

Sodimate, Inc

Karen Hartley –  Interior Designer

Joanne (Watson) Jakab – Interior Designer

UWG Psychology


Website design and social media page creation is just a small part of our larger business.  We focus much of our effort on SEO- on getting sites to rank highly in the search engines.  We love getting qualified traffic to our clients.

We apologize that we can’t reveal our full list of sites and clients.  We have several dozen additional sites within our control.