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February 1, 2011

Our Internet Marketing Firm is officially open!  This inaugural blog post shares the experience of our 5-person team as we transitioned from Search Engine Optimization freelancers to becoming a full-on Internet Marketing firm.  Our specialization remains bringing client’s websites to the top of search engine results, and expanding our client’s customer-base, visibility, conversions, revenues, and profitability.

The Past

Freelancing is a great experience, especially when one has a couple major clients that provide an over-abundance of work. It is a great way to work, as one can work when they want and how they want. It doesn’t matter if you work from 9a-5p, from 5p-9p, or even from 9p-5a. As long as the work is done, and is fantastic, everyone is happy.

Over the years of freelancing I have been slowly growing the size of my team.  I need a team, as I find that there are many tasks that are better uses of my time than others.  And, there are some tasks that are simply more enjoyable for different types of people.  Internet Marketing in general, and Search Engine Optimization in particular, has such varied tasks.

The Present

Some of the work is strategic- that is what I do best.  Creating a strategy of how a business can optimize its Internet presence is one of the few tasks that we have in the industry that requires very little computer time.  My best ideas come from brainstorming sessions with my colleagues and clients, walks alone in the woods (with my iPhone in hand to record ideas that surface), and my  highly successful brainstorming position of sitting on the couch with cup of tea, pad of paper, and pen.  In fact, nothing blocks my ability to strategize as much as sitting in front of my computer.  Somehow the Internet is like a vortex that focuses my attention on things that are not important, unless I show up with a very structured, linear purpose.

After brainstorming, I outline my strategy and systematize it.  I divide the strategy between on-site (referring to on my client’s website) and off-site (other content on the web that we create and then link to our client’s website) responsibilities, as well as between different types of tasks.  I then create the sequence of work, and assign tasks to my team members.

Web design needs are passed on to our designer.   Content creation is done by three of us- two associates and myself.  Our Internet Marketing team does all of our own in-house articles, press releases, social media, social bookmarking, and all other content creation.  I enjoy doing the video work myself- both the shooting and editing.  It gives my strategic mind a rest, and allows me a moment of creative expression.  Finally, we have one member of the team who spends her days doing the repetitive work that the rest of us don’t have the patience for, including directory submissions and other less content-oriented link-building activities.

Given this growing team, the “free” of “freelancing” has slowly been falling away, and the firm reality has set in that we are a Firm.  As I am he-who-controls the business, the check-writer, the master strategist, and the master of ceremony, I have taken the principal position, and now call the firm Kenneth Lewis & Associates : Internet Marketing.

This is not the most original name, but it is one that points to the fact that there is one man who has taken absolute responsibility for the Internet presence of his clients.  Additionally, to avoid the pitfalls of other SEO firms, I am keeping myself as the point-man for the public.  This way, clients and potential clients deal with me directly.  This ensures the most accurate information and the highest level of response and accountability.  The SEO business is full of companies with salesmen at the fronts just trying to close deals.  To us, this is an ugly practice.  It is like getting a salesman to give you a medical checkup with the promise that there is a doctor in the backroom who will manage your health from a distance.

So, the days of “Ken the freelancer” are done.  His team is 5 strong.  And his client list is growing.  Tomorrow, on February 1st, 2011, we launch ourselves as a firm Firm, and will expand our offerings and outreach.  We are based in Carrollton, Georgia, where 4 of the 5 of us live, yet we serve clients nationwide, including in Chicago and Colorado.  We will also be available to act as an Atlanta SEO firm or an Atlanta Internet Marketing firm, as we are just 45 minutes to Atlanta and can make the trip to Atlanta to meet our client’s needs.

The motto of our Firm, which keeps us connected to our freelancing roots, is “World-class, yet affordable, Internet Marketing.” One need not have bloated overheads and organizational waste to provide world-class services.  We have proven that for the past few years, and we will continue to prove that for many years to come.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help your company meet it’s needs, feel free to view our Internet Marketing Plans & Pricing page, where you can see our affordable plans, and request an RFP for your business.  We look forward to bringing greater prosperity and success to our client’s businesses for many years to come.

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