Marketing as a River- an Analogy

Marketing River

Often people ask me to describe my work in marketing. I find the best analogy for marketing development is to think of it as akin to the growth of a river. It takes countless streams to feed into and make a river. These tributaries individually are not necessary significant, yet collectively they are all an integrated part of the whole.

In developing an Internet Marketing campaign, we focus on the development of such streams. These streams include one’s website, the content and SEO signals on the site, the back-links that point from other sites to the main one, social media, directories, newsletters, and a whole lot more. Within each category are many separate streams. So we have streams feeding streams feeding streams, which eventually make for a mighty river. And, if we don’t continue to feed the streams with fresh content and signals, than we will eventually go dry again.

On top of that, not all streams are created equal. Some streams just don’t produce much to contribute to your river, and thus they should be left to go dry. So, it takes knowledge to understand which streams to invest in when.

Often the novice marketer is short on time, budget, and direction, and is looking for the most important tributaries. However, experience informs us that one needs to pay attention to dozens of streams before even a small river is created. Significant marketing rivers are the collective results of countless smaller strategic activities.

That is why one should hire a marketing team. You simply don’t have time and expertise to do the endless tasks necessary to develop enough streams to make your brand as visible as you wish for. By investing a small monthly fee in your marketing, you have the support of a five person team that will work tirelessly for you.

The most important aspect of your hire is trust. If you trust that a provider is dedicated to building and replenishing your streams then you are in good hands. Your marketing dollars are only wasted if you hire someone incompetent or unprofessional.

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