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The business world has been experiencing lots of growing pains with the integration of new technologies over the past few decades.  One notorious point of pain has been the creation of websites. We often put so much emphasis on the website that we forget that it is nothing without its web of relationships.  A website is so much more than its “look and feel.” A website needs to:

1) Speak to the search engines.  The search engines require a certain presentation and way of being, and if the website doesn’t fit the search engines’ criteria it will be neglected and possibly even banned.  Speaking to the search engines is the way to bring relevant traffic to your site.  For this we do Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2) Speak to visitors.  Once you get the traffic you need to convert them into sales.  This requires marketing intelligence and what is commonly called a sales funnel.  It is what directs traffic from their entrance point to a conversion goal.   The goal can be a sale, signing up for your newsletter, or requesting a consultation.  Whatever the goal is, the site must be designed to point people in that direction.

These goals are not met by programmers or designers.  They are met by Internet Marketers.  Internet Marketing professionals are the conductors of the marketing orchestra.  The violinist and the trumpeter are both amazing at what they do, yet even the finest musicians, or the finest athletes for that matter, require someone to set the direction and coordinate the effort.

The Internet Marketing professional sets the direction and makes your marketing campaign happen in an integrated fashion. Often one puts the majority of their marketing budget into creating the “perfect” website.  This is based upon the myth that a beautiful, informative website is enough.  And, this is often the result of not having an Internet Marketing professional conducting the efforts.  A beautiful site designed by a designer is often ill-prepared to help your marketing efforts for reasons that are obvious to SEO professionals.

The sad thing is how much time, money, and effort can be wasted on a website that doesn’t get traffic at best, or never reaches completion at worst. Our solution is using just 7% of the budget on the website and putting the remaining 93% into other marketing efforts.  We use the 93% for SEO, so that the website receives a lot of targeted traffic.  We also use the 93% for social media efforts, email campaigns, advertising administration (upon request), and other useful marketing efforts.  The 93% is for action, motion, progress, engagement, and outreach.

We offer our marketing clients websites for just $29 per month.  The fee is ridiculously low, yet this is no cheap compromise.  We use a highly efficient development model that doesn’t waste our time or your money.  We use the robust and reliable WordPress content management system (CMS).  This is open-source (free) software that enables us to develop your site without having to hire a coder/programmer.  We get the code without expense or time delay.  And, it is much more dynamic and capable than any client’s budgets would permit.

For the design we use a “premium theme” to build the site.  Premium refers to it being something we purchased from a theme designer (freebie themes do exist).  Theme refers to a predesigned structure for the visual layout.   We use these beautifully crafted themes that have been tested across more platforms than the typical client could afford to test for.  Regardless as to whether a visitor is looking at your website on their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S III, or on a new Mac laptop with Retina Display using Chrome or on an old desktop PC using XP and Explorer, your site will look great.  We only use themes that are make personalization easy and effective. So, we don’t reinvent the wheel. We personalize your site, not customize it.

This sometimes is hard to accept because the word and concept of customization is often related to being special or unique.  However, our total effort is towards your return on investment (ROI) and for most small business a customized website is only a drain of time, energy, and money. Using the WordPress CMS we have a highly scalable site.  What that means for you is that we can effortless add or subtract pages over time.  We can convert a site with a Premium theme over to a customized theme at any point without having to rebuild from the ground up.

We design our Internet Marketing packages to meet the goals of your business which includes increasing your sales while simultaneously freeing you up from marketing concerns.  When you sign a contract with us, we become the conductors of your marketing campaign and thus you are free to put your energy on your business. Tens of thousands of businesses have overspent on websites and underspent on the rest of their Internet Marketing.  As conductors it is our job to make sure this doesn’t happen to our clients.  We develop custom sites for clients when that is the need, yet we work tirelessly at creating amazing online marketing presences without the need for custom programming or design. Practical, reliable, affordable Internet Marketing solutions is what we offer.

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