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keneth-lewis-associateInternet Marketing and SEO is the great marriage of technology, modernity, psychology, business, marketing, pop culture, customer service, and human intelligence.  Ken Lewis and his associates masterfully weave all of these elements together to create world-class, yet affordable, Internet marketing campaigns and outstandingly effective websites with effective web design.

What separates a superior Internet Marketing firm from an average one is that the average one sells its Internet Marketing services, whereas the superior firm sells its client’s products and services.  As a superior firm, Kenneth Lewis & Associates is fully aligned and dedicated to client success.  Unlike the average firms that communicates with you via a salesman, Ken is your only point of contact.  He personally handles all inquiries and manages all accounts.  Misinformation is avoided, and he ensures that your account gets the highest quality services and support. 

“..he has been a delight to work with, a great listener, and a very consistent web developer.”
– Karen Hartley

Kenneth Lewis & Associates is a team of five specialists.  Ken leads the way with his Internet Marketing strategies.  After brainstorming with his team,  Ken creates the work plan and assigns responsibilities to the designer, the content creators, the social media specialist, and to the content disseminator.   The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns that they create are perfectly orchestrated and executed.  Their system is so flawlessly polished that time and resources are not wasted, and thus their overhead and prices are below-market.

“One month after signing up with Ken Lewis it’s already giving me front page for my town.”
– Joanne Jakab

“World-class, yet affordable, Internet Marketing” is the motto of Ken & team.  They judge their success not on their  own profitability but rather on the return on investment (ROI) and increased profitability of their clients.  Kenneth Lewis & Associates takes pride in their client’s websites reaching the top of search engine results- which they always do.  This team of 5 take much joy in seeing their clients gain increased traffic, new customers, more sales, increased revenues, and greater profitability.  Ken is genuinely concerned with his client’s earning high ROI from their Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization campaigns, and prices and strategizes in order to achieve this aim.

While officing in historic Carrollton, Georgia, Kenneth Lewis & Associates serves clients nationwide.  Crossing many verticals and serving local, national, and international clients, Ken and his team have a track record of success.   Ken’s work in the field of Interior Design has caught much attention as of late, as his Interior Designer SEOInterior Designer websites and his Interior Designer Internet Marketing has caught the eyes of industry leaders.

Some of our non-design clients include the Midway Airport Hotel Carlton Inn Midway, the international bulk handling systems manufacturer Sodimate, and the premium faucets manufacturer California Faucets.

For additional information on the services offered by Kenneth Lewis and Associates, explore this website.  Feel free to contact Ken for a consultation here.

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