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Interior Designer Website DesignAlthough we continue working with clients from a variety of industries, specialization has developed- we are now largely focused on being an Interior Designer Internet Marketing firm.

It began with the success of one interior designer client that spread like wildfire.

Soon enough industry leader Gail Doby called on us and wanted to know the secret to our success.  In an industry with many fly-by-night operators, our stable, professional firm with intelligent and creative strategies has become a hit.

We became in great demand, and have shifted much our team’s efforts towards the design industry- so much so that we are in the process of rebranding our firm to accommodate these changes.  That is coming soon.

What you should know for now is that we are the most reliable Interior Design Marketing firm.  We are tightly controlled by our principal, Ken Lewis, who remains our chief strategist, project manager, and only point of contact with the public and our clients.  Ken runs a tight ship, which allows us to offer exceptional pricing to our clients along with fantastic results.

Our team works long days to ensure our clients’ success.  We judge our success by getting our clients increased traffic volume to their websites and increased call volume and sales.

But don’t take our word for this- read the words of our clients here: Interior Designer Internet Marketing testimonials.

In Spring of 2013, we launched a branch of our firm to exclusively focus on interior design marketing: we call it

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