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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are ever evolving as Google gets more skillful at identifying quality sites and content. Although sites from all industries are subjected to the same algorithm that determines placement in Google search, there are very different opportunities to optimize based upon the vertical.

Optimizing for a lawyer in L.A., an industrial machinery company in Dubuque, a publishing house in New York City, and an interior designer in your hometown is a very different process. Overlap no doubt exists, yet the opportunities and best practices are largely mutually exclusive.

The learning curve of crossing industries is costly, and can eat away at anything short of the largest budgets. Ideally for provider and client alike, there is industry specialization on the provider’s side. It is the wiser, more efficient, and more cost-effective path. And, it frees the client from ever feeling like they have to be “on the ball” with their marketing. Hire a specialist in your field and you can put your attention on the rest of your business.

If you are in need of SEO for the design industry I suggest you check out my firm’s website: Client Expander. We are the design industry’s leading marketing firm, exclusively devoted to the marketing needs of interior designers and the industry partners that cater to them.


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