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Our business at Kenneth Lewis & Associates is to achieve an optimal Internet presence for our clients.   We create highly functional websites that encourage traffic and conversions.   Examples of some of our interior design SEO clients’ include the Burlington ON Interior Designer Joanne Jakab and Carrollton GA Interior Designer Karen Hartley.

When a polished SEO firm builds a website, you know it will have the “bones” to carrythe weight of a successful SEO campaign.  Get optimized from the very first step, rather than scrambling later to make the site SEO compatible.

In the “old” days, businesses depended upon a developer to build everything for them from scratch.   These days that is not just a waste of time and money, it ignores the superior tools available in prefabricated forms.

“Content Management Systems” have processing capacities beyond any custom site, and that is what we prefer to use.  For example, this site uses WordPress, a popular CMS once known as a blogging application.   By using a CMS the client is empowered to make their own changes to content- both text and images- if they so choose.  Thus, the site becomes theirs in a deeper sense. Although the heart of our business is Search Engine Optimization, we do develop light, cost-effective, search engine friendly sites.

Our Interior Design websites provide exceptional results at a minimum expenditure of time, money, and energy.  We are the masters of simple, effective Interior Design websites.  No one makes them more effective as sales tool and better at SEO, while getting them done fast and cheap.  We know web development like the back of our hand, and we don’t engage in the monkey business that so many unprepared Internet Marketing providers offer.

Some examples of our websites for interior designers

include our first interior design site from several years ago for Karen Hartley.  It was designed to fit her small town Georgia clientele’s traditional sense of taste with warm colors.  This is in striking comparison to the website we developed for Washington DC Interior Designer Ebonee Bachman of Moonlight Interiors.  This website is for a more trendy clientele in a cosmopolitan area, and thus it is more striking and bold.  Using the very same WordPress Theme we developed the site for Mississauga  Interior Designer Joanne Jakab.  This site was modified to meet her needs and to promote the glowing reviews from her clients, and the choice of images for the homepage make her site have a very different look and feel than Ebonee’s.

We built a second website for one designer in attempt to measure the conversion rate of two very different sites.  The main question for us was whether the viewer would respond more to a more traditional style website with a custom background and small images, or whether a more modern website with larger images would would encourage more calls and sales.  For this second website we created a Philadelphia Interior Designer site and are comparing it with the main Interiors by Donna Hoffman website.

This is the Philadelphia site with the large images that wonderfully show the little details of her design work:

And for those designers who haven’t yet developed a portfolio of their work because they are new to the field or they were previously doing their work under another company’s name, we create landing pages that provide a means to begin building SEO strength and to provide one’s contact information to the public, all within a format that is scalable, meaning can grow as new content is added.  An example of this is from the Bedminster, NJ interior designer Susan Miniman, who has the highest pedigree in design education and work experience.

Two of the above mentioned designers share their success with our marketing services on the Interior Designer Marketingpage.

Keep in mind: we are NOT a web design company.  We are marketers with a mission to increase sales.  If you are looking to develop a website as a piece of art then we are not your development team.  We are very happy to work with your artist to ensure that their final product can also serve as a sales generating tool.   Our speciality and joy is getting our clients to the top of Google search and using other methods of driving traffic to their websites.  We offer websites as a means to an end.    Our fast and inexpensive website solutions keep our clients focused on their design business and us focused on their SEO and marketing.   It is a practical solution with measurable results.

NOTE: Our Interior Design Marketing services have all moved over to our new site

If you go there you will see mention of our SEO for Interior Designers.

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