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Admin note: This is an old post from 2011.  It was published a few months after commencing our first Internet Marketing for Interior Designers campaign.  We have since grown to become a trustworthy Interior Design industry partner that specializes in SEO for Interior Designers, and have become a favorite of Design Success University‘s Gail Doby.

We recently made an Atlanta Interior Designer website as part of an Internet Marketing campaign, and we really enjoyed the process.  Most businesses are short on quality images, which makes it really difficult to make a beautiful, photo rich website for them.  However, Interior Designers have plenty of high quality, professionally shot photographs, to fulfill all of our web design needs!

She really wanted to see more traffic to her website than it was offering.  Therefore, we developed a photo-style blog for her on a unique domain, that really showcases her skills and expertise as a designer.  To maximize the marketing reach of her budget, we used a WordPress theme that delivered advanced functionality.  Our designer made it all look pretty, whereas our SEOs made sure that we hit all relevant keywords, and that the site was SEO-friendly on every level.  In the end, the site succeeds in being on budget, being attractive, having a ton of fascinating information, and being easily found in the search engines.

That was the first step. The second step, which is an ongoing endeavor, is to feed relevant traffic to the site.  The only way to do that is to have a long-term campaign of content creation both on-site (on her domain) and off-site (elsewhere on the Internet).  This ongoing campaign includes blog posts and social media, articles, press releases, videos, images, directory submissions, accurate information uploaded to review sites, and so much more.  Any Interior Design SEO or Interior Designer Internet Marketing campaign needs these main elements for success.

In the few short months of our working with this client her new site has already risen to the top page of search engine results for Carrollton, Ga, Interior Designer, and other major keywords.  We continue to push ahead with our work. Our only benchmark of success is the success of our clients.  When we bring them new customers and their revenues and profits increase, we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

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We’ve never had a disappointed client, and you certainly won’t be the first one.  What we offer is not just world-class Internet Marketing campaigns, but total peace of mind.  Our SEO for Interior Designers and Social Media for Interior Designers is completely integrated with our Interior Design websites, so you truly have found yourself a one-stop-shop for all Internet Marketing needs.

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